White and black sling bag

A fabulously crafted sling bag, featuring a polyurethane (PU) and net make, accented with a classic black and white colour palette......

New In : White and black sling bag

Slashed low table

This slashed low table is a piece of furniture that would work well in any room of the house. It is crafted in MDF (medium density fiberboard)/ Plywood and coated with PU (polyurethane) lacquer.

New In : Slashed low table  

Designer Clutches

Meera Mahadevia handbags are a classic blend of brass and copper embellished with wood carvings, marble inlays, silver engravings, semi precious stones, antique frames and spiritual emblems.

New In : Designer Clutches  


The Regal Splendour Of Black & White



Gear up for this stylish Carryall range of stunning bags, conjured for a tasteful experience. Classic slings and capacious tote do the rounds in this fabulous range of collectables.

New In : Peppy-Posh  

Chic Staples

A spectacular range of statement pieces, designed with luxurious fabrics using skilled craftsmanship, for a breathtaking impact.

New In : Chic Staples

Pearl delight

Embraced by the beauty of the Mother Nature and infused with pearl and mother of pearl accents, this collection spells grandeur and luxury.

New In : Pearl delight  

Silver Bead

A combination of turquoise pure crepe elegance and eye-catching intricate hand embroidery bead work on the top line.

New In : Silver Bead  

Ethnic Harvest

Striking a chord with an assortment of versatile design and colour play, this sterling silver collection offers a generous dose of cubic zirconia, amethyst, shell pearl, onyx stones and crystals, all studded to create irresistible wedding season staples.

New In : Ethnic Harvest

Abrar Ali

A crisp and rejuvenating collection of tailored shirts, designed to impress at a single glance, make the highlights of this exclusive range.

New In : Abrar Ali  

Mughal-e-azam playing cards

A distinctive addition to your collection, this set of playing cards is crafted in paper with a sleek finish. It is rendered with a charming mughal-e-azam print and is enhanced with vivid hues and patterns.

Mughal-e-azam playing cards

Large bookmarks - Ranjit Kumar

KCH range Introduces the 'bookmark paperclip'. Make a statement, clip down with an attitude.

Hawa Mahal design

Tailored after the old milk cans, this Hawa Mahal design comes in a set of three can lights- tall, medium and short, with dimensions as 7.5x7.5x36, 8x8x30 & 10x10x24 inches respectively.

New In : Hawa Mahal design  

Bolero sofa

This one seater sofa has the perfect combination of mid-century modern lines and every day functionality with a wooden finish.

New In : Bolero sofa  

Embellished Tunics

Presenting a peppy mix of fiercely fashionable tunics & tops curated, for an instant style upgrade.

New In : Embellished Kurtas  

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Design Emporia showcases both young and well-known talented designers of India and their multi-faceted design explorations. We retail a fusion of traditional and contemporary collections of designers like Rohit Bal, Kavita Bhartia, James Ferreira, Payal Singhal, Payal Jain, Manoviraj Khosla, Nida Mahmood, Sahil & Sarthak, along with top labels like Episode, India Circus, Artdinnox and many more.

Founded in 2011, Design Emporia strives to provide an easy access of India's top designers and labels and their latest collections to the vast global community. If you are a design enthusiast, art connoisseur or someone with an eye for tasteful, creative products- you will definitely love to shop at Design Emporia. We say, graduate to good quality, tasteful products!

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Customer Testimonials

"Greetings from New Zealand - Just to let you know I received Geisha Design's wedding gown! It's utterly beautiful and more gorgeous than I thought it ever could be. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to all the Design Team and everyone who has helped create this fabulous dress."- Sharon Thomas, New Zealand

"Hi, just to inform you that we have received the delivery of 3 bags today and happy to see the quality of it. Thanks for helping me to make someone smile and thrilled."- Deepak Bagra, India

"Kindly accept my appreciation for the products I ordered from you. I loved all the cushions. A big thanks to the designer of the cushions. They have adorned my living room and get scores of compliments from anyone who sees them. Thank you to the wonderful customer services team for their assistance in ordering and dispatch process. Thanks for a seamless on-line shopping experience."- Leena Shah, United Kingdom