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Kavita Bhartia

Kavita BhartiaKavita Bhartia


Kavita Bhartia launched Ogaan in November 1989, marking an evolution in Indian haute couture. Ogaan, over the years is one of India's premier boutiques showcasing creations by the country's leading designers. From apparel to accessories, Ogaan is known for its quality and unique designs, reviving age-old Indian traditions, and, carving a niche for Indian fashion worldwide. The collections are elegant with an irrepressible sense of fun and celebration; there is a play of colours, fabrics, prints and embroidery. Kavita Bhartia has been one of the pioneers in the Indian fashion industry and the brand has, over the years, developed a global identity. Participated in international shows namely,PRET-A-PORTER ,Paris, 23 ½ Days of Bollwood and the Singapore Fashion Week and many more,Kavita was also invited to Seychelles to dress the Miss World 98 contestants.


Kavita Bhartia is a design philosophy that amalgamates traditional Indian craftsmanship techniques with innovative western silhouettes ,to create a look which is enigmatic and distinctive. The presence of the traditional materials and techniques with innovative treatment brings the element of surprise in every ensemble of Kavita Bhartia. Her label has ventured into Australia, Singapore,Hong Kong,Italy,Spain,Greece, France and U.S.She opened Ogaan in 1989, a fashion landmark in New Delhi, which showcases her work and some of the leading names in the Indian fashion industry. She was instrumental in launching and publishing the Indian edition of world's largest selling fashion magazine 'Elle'


Flared tunic with bead work
USD 171

Plain straight tunic
USD 192

Full sleeve top
USD 77

Flared printed tunic
USD 236

Black knee length tunic
USD 134

Printed poncho dress
USD 299

Knee length tunic
USD 237

Printed cotton silk tunic
USD 240

Pleated ombre tunic
USD 155

One sleeve kaftan tunic
USD 151

Sleeveless flared dress
USD 191

Short dress with dori embroidery
USD 235

Floor length digital printed dress
USD 366

Tunic with dori embroidery
USD 233

Layered tunic
USD 209

Ombre shirt
USD 187

Printed cape
USD 297

Printed tunic
USD 221

Pleated asymmetric tunic
USD 194

Jumpsuit with embellished collar
USD 178

Digital printed A-line skirt
USD 312

Printed satin red dress
USD 144

Green off- shoulder dress
USD 501

Layered tunic with embroidery
USD 364

Long printed dress
USD 112

Digital printed jumpsuit
USD 146

Beige tunic-dori embroidery
USD 361

Purple embroidered tunic
USD 298

Tie & dye tunic
USD 263

Tunic with brotch embroidery
USD 138

Tie dye flaired tunic
USD 104

Orange tunic with flaired sleeves
USD 189

Beige cape
USD 68

Dip dyed red dress
USD 249

Printed round neck jumpsuit
USD 216

Textured jacket
USD 85

Printed ombre tweaked tunic
USD 206

Black asymmetrical dress
USD 198

Black printed & textured dress
USD 143

Printed ombre poncho
USD 181

Printed dress with aari work
USD 247

Long tweaked dress
USD 222

Saree with gota and chikankari work
USD 743

Embroidered black tunic
USD 150

Elegant white tunic
USD 117

Blue cotton silk tunic
USD 115

Red cotton tunic
USD 68

Black polyester top
USD 142

Peach polyester top
USD 118

Peach and white top
USD 109

Pink neon tunic
USD 124

Pink printed tunic
USD 166

Blue printed tunic
USD 189

Yellow printed tunic
USD 95

Multicoloured silk tunic
USD 115

Black polyester tunic
USD 141

Structured black tunic
USD 142

Black embroidered tunic
USD 139

Black embellished tunic
USD 115

Embroidered poncho
USD 83

Peach lehenga
USD 1,143

Black embroidered sari
USD 743

Neon kurta set
USD 188

Neon pink sari
USD 686

Stunning green sari
USD 543

Blue embroidered sari
USD 646

Multicoloured embroidered kurta set
USD 322

Red cape dress
USD 116

Printed tunic dress
USD 99

Multicoloured tunic dress
USD 218

Multicoloured lycra dress
USD 237

Embroidered long dress
USD 567

Printed tunic
USD 168

Multicoloured printed tunic
USD 122

Digital print tunic
USD 141

Thread embroidered tunic
USD 235

White zardozi tunic
USD 180

Tribal multicoloured tunic
USD 144

Textured tunic
USD 262

Multicoloured collar tunic
USD 93

Multicoloured embroidered tunic
USD 266

Beige zari work tunic
USD 264

Textured beige tunic
USD 184

Multicoloured waistcoat
USD 137

Ombre print sari
USD 551

Fuschia orange sari
USD 703

Fuschia print sari
USD 599

Textured beige lehenga
USD 761

Panelled off-white kurta set
USD 712

Double layer kurta set
USD 728

Tribal embroidery kurta set
USD 464

Mutka silk kurta set
USD 368

Red panelled kurta set
USD 653

Jacket style kurta
USD 405

Panelled red tunic
USD 310

Princess panelled kurta set
USD 523

Zardozi embroidered kurta set
USD 412

Textured yoke kurta set
USD 477

Navy blue handkerchief kurta
USD 494

Tribal gilet kurta
USD 359

Black panelled kurta set
USD 631

Asymmetric kurta set
USD 332

Resham embroidery kurta set
USD 267

Kalidaar kurta set
USD 464

Embroidered asymmetric kurta
USD 294

Ombre printed kurta set
USD 342

Mustard kurta set
USD 296

Multicoloured long dress
USD 280

Zari embroidered kurta set
USD 493

Panelled pink kurta set
USD 535

Foil printed kurta set
USD 394

Flared block print kurta set
USD 428

Madder red kurta set
USD 402

Black textured kurta set
USD 521

Gold coin embroidery kurta set
USD 573

Sequence embroidered kurta set
USD 272

Cotton silk tunic
USD 429
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