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Keya Italian Pizza Oregano Seasoning (Tastes like Dominos)

Pizza! The name of this dish will make you do two things. Firstly, it will make your mouth water and tummy churn and secondly, it will bring to your mind some glutton filled-thoughts about Dominos. Their vast options of delicious pizzas will indeed make you hungry and all drooly. Now, the thing about the pizzas from Dominos is that their seasonings are awesome and the oregano that we sprinkle on the pizza is that magical secret ingredient that adds that charming flavour to it. Truly, this oregano is the reason why we are so much in love with pizzas and the oregano by Dominos is just WOW! However, the one problem is that they give a very little amount of oregano to us making us yearn for more.

But what if we tell you that we have a magnificent alternate oregano that is very much similar in taste with that of Dominos and you can have as much of it as you want? And the name of that surprise is Keya Italian Pizza Oregano. Yes, you read that right. Resembling to the Dominos’ oregano, Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is just heavenly and is available at a nominal price both online and offline. So, stay tuned to learn more about this amazing product!


Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is a mind-blowing item. It is one of the best-selling seasoning in market right now, and its demand is just increasing day-by-day. The reason why this oregano is so intensely tasty are as follows:

  • The oregano is made up of these elements: Dehydrated Garlic, Iodized salt, Mixed spices and herbs (Black Pepper, Chilli, Oregano (9%), Basil).
  • It has no added preservatives or flavour.
  • This product has no MSG and fillers.
  • It contains no additives, anti-caking agents and has an authentic taste.
  • This oregano is totally and purely VEGETARIAN.
  • You will get the oregano in a dried form.

Pricing and availability

Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is available for about 80gm in an appealing package that has a dimension of about 5.7 x 5.7 x 11 cm. The price for 80gm oregano is Rs. 90 and you can buy it online from Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers and Spencers.

Why to buy?

Getting 4.6 stars out of 5 is very difficult but Keya Italian Pizza Oregano has really earned it. Why people are crazy about it and why you should blindly go for it is because:

  • It is available at a very pocket-friendly price and the quantity for this price is absolutely perfect and worth it.
  • This purely vegetarian oregano is a mixture of spices which not only will make your pizza delicious but also will make your pasta, stroganoff and other Italian dishes irresistible.
  • Storing and using it is very easy and it has a long shelf-life.
  • The packaging is impressive.
  • The taste and flavour both are genuine and 100% authentic.

If you are, by now, already dreaming about a large cheesy pizza which you want to eat while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix or Prime and just want the oregano seasoning to never end, then you have found your ideal match. Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is a saviour for all oregano lovers and you can never have enough of it. So, order your oregano right away and chill with your Italian dishes and gourmet food with a taste unforgettable and forever lingering.

Fitness Treadmill

Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Reviews

Joseph Pilates had rightly said that physical fitness indeed is the first prerequisite to happiness. Only when your body is healthy and fit, you can and will be able to conquer the world. As we are living in the era of junk food, obesity and anxiety; gaining weight and developing bodily complications is very common but this leads to being vulnerable to a lot of diseases. Being and staying fit is the real mantra for a disease and stress-free body and mind. Now a lot of us are gym-enthusiasts but there are people who feel lethargic to even go for a walk outside leave alone exercising. However, we have a solution for all of you. Here we present to you all the details about the new Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill launched for both the fitness freaks and the gym beginners.

Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill is simply the best treadmill available in the market now. This motorised treadmill with a shock absorption cushion effect is just ideal for some intense cardio workouts and walking sessions. Runners, joggers, walkers- everyone will find it super easy and exciting to use. The treadmill is quite comfortable to run on and its features and specifications will indeed make you want to order one for yourself right now.


Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill is highly in demand due to the technologies and specifications that it possesses. Why we have become a fan of this treadmill is because of the following factors:

  • This 65kg weighing black treadmill has a motor that consumes 2.25 Horsepower which renders it apt for using at home.
  • It has a dimension of 1240*420mm which offers quite a space for running and walking.
  • The adjustable steel handles enable the treadmill to be stronger and more long-lasting.
  • Installing it and storing it in the home is very easy and the treadmill takes up very little space in the house and is foldable.
  • The treadmill has modern LCD display features which contains functions like preset programs, calories burnt, time, indicating the heart rate, speed, mode, quality MP3 speakers and F+ App.
  • With a speed of 1 to 16km/hr and user weight capacity of 110kgs, this treadmill contains massager and sit-up bars too.
  • You will get an auto-inclination, dumbells, cooling fan and twisters in this treadmill.
  • Made up of sturdy steel, this treadmill has a warranty of 3 years.
  • You will get a tool kit, user manual and a warranty card with this treadmill.


This treadmill is just the sensation now in the fitness city. Filled with goodness, why you should buy this treadmill without any second thoughts is because:

  • It can take the weight up to 110kgs and you can adjust the speed according to your convenience between 1km/hr to 16km/hr. Very few treadmills in the market offer this and that makes this treadmill unique.
  • The treadmill has auto inclining and hydraulic folding features which makes it suitable to store.
  • The wide running space, the massager, the sit-up bars make the treadmill even more coveted.
  • This treadmill uses latest LCD display functions which offer you a plethora of features that will keep you updated about your health and heart.
  • The machine has an excellent appearance and it is available at a very pocket-friendly price.

The cons

Just as a coin has two sides, similarly every thing has a positive and a negative side. Nothing is perfect but no flaw is too major. This treadmill has two minor faults that can be overlooked since the virtues hide all the banes. The dark side of this treadmill contains these two points:

  • The MP3 speaker quality is not up to the mark.
  • The warranty period is quite less compared to the other treadmills in the market.


  • How much horsepower does this treadmill’s motor consume?
    The motor of this treadmill has a 2.25HP and it can extend up till 4.5HP when it is at the top of its usage.
  • How to install Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill?
    Installing it is very simple and easy. You can read the user manual and do it yourself only. However, if you feel a bit shaky regarding the installation then you can call 1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402 or drop a message in WhatsApp on these numbers +91-6260741910/ 11 between 10 pm- 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. The servicing and installation is free all over the country.
  • Do I need to install a stabiliser with it?
    Well, a stabiliser is not much needed but you can install one if you wish to refrain from voltage faults and fluctuations.

Final Verdict

We hope that we have convinced you enough to purchase this treadmill for yourself and your loved ones. A sturdy, durable and powerful treadmill it contains everything that gym lovers can think of. And appropriate for the lazy bones too, using it is fun and thrilling. Not just that, at this nominal price you will get a lot of features that very few treadmills in the market will give you. The adjustable speed settings, the huge running space, the display features, the music player, the shock-absorbing mat- all attribute this treadmill ensuring that it stands apart from the rest. So, if you want to be fit, healthy and want a body that makes everyone go gaga over you- this treadmill is the one you are looking for.

So, no more delays. Go and order your treadmill now and start your fitness journey today itself.

Home Portable Air Conditioner

Exhaust Pipe for portable AC India | 5-6 Inch Hose Pipe

Everything in this world requires a bit of maintenance and safekeeping. Be it the plants around us, our bodies and minds, relationships or electronics- you have to give them proper attention and take good care of them. For this, you need to ensure that the different appliances are working in a healthy way and have no faults in them. And this applies to your portable ACs too. During the sultry summers the portable ACs and run the most. While normal air conditioners have everything installed in them, portable ACs often require hose pipes or exhaust pipes to be fitted manually. So today we will be sharing with you the best hose pipes for portable air conditioners. Hose pipes or exhaust pipes are very important for your AC and we often tend to forget about them. They indeed keep your air conditioner protected from dust and excess water. So, if you want to know which hose pipe you need to use for your AC do stay put till the end!!

What is a hose pipe?

A hose pipe is a cylindrical tube-like structure which is fitted for drainage purposes. Usually chimneys, refrigerators, ACs and appliances which are concerned with water droplets. What the hose pipe does is, it provides passage to the excess water vapour and drains it out of the machine thus saving it from water and dust accumulation and spillage. Exhaust pipes remove the water vapour which condense in these appliances and it is indeed very important to check whether your portable AC has this vital thing installed or not.

Buying guide

Hose pipes are available for a plethora of electronic devices but we will be talking only about those pipes for portable ACs. So, when you decide to purchase one, you need to keep the following points in your mind:

  • The size of the AC
  • The material of the pipe
  • The dimensions of the pipe
  • The type of the pipe

The best hose pipes/ exhaust pipes for portable Air conditioner in India

Diving straight into the hose pipes which we recommend highly, all the pipes have been manufactured by very reputed companies whom you can trust blindly. Our top picks are-

Chirag distribution Plastic Chimney Exhaust Pipe– Chirag distribution is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to hardware products. This exhaust pipe too is one of their best products and we recommend this highly because:

  • It is made up of sturdy plastic which makes it quite flexible and durable as well.
  • This 6-inch pipe is long enough to drain out all the excess water droplets.
  • This pipe can be used both in your chimney and your portable air conditioner.
  • The pipe is quite expandable and serves a lot of purposes together.
  • It is quite pocket-friendly and will cost you around Rs. 450.

DZT1968 Air Conditioner Hose, Diameter Exhaust Hose for Portable Air Conditioner– This exhaust pipe is just a WOW product. If you do not want to compromise with the price and can relax your budget tad bit, then this your hose pipe. Why you should buy this is because:

  • This exhaust pipe is made of plastic and not only is it flexible and expandable, it is also tensile and retractable.
  • The aluminium foil coating inside the tube makes it resistant to all type of wear, flame and corrosion.
  • The pipe can shrink and stretch quite easily and this gives a lot of space for a smooth drainage of dust and water.
  • This pipe is easy to install and can be used not only with your AC but also with a variety of other appliances and hardware products.
  • The pipe will cost you around Rs. 1400

Kraftex Air Conditioner Hose Portable Exhaust Pipe– Kraftex is an indeed popular company and their products are known to last for years. This exhaust pipe by them is truly one of the best hose pipes available in the market now. We will give this a 10 on 10 because:

  • This pipe has been made up of polypropylene which makes it intensely strong, durable and highly tensile.
  • The pipe has an adjustable length and can stretch from 15 inch to 80 inches straight.
  • The pipe is compatible with ACs of all brands and types and you will not even have to replace this pipe since it will serve you for life.
  • The pipe has a ‘fast fix’ quality which makes it super easy to install and fit with the existing vent.
  • This pipe is very efficient with its work and will save you a lot of energy and stop leakage of excess water totally.

Athiva Aluminium Chimney Exhaust Flexible Pipe– Athiva’s exhaust flexible pipe can not only be used with chimneys and kitchen hoods, but they can also be used with your portable air conditioners. We are a fan of this product because:

  • Since it has an aluminium body, it is very flexible, ductile and resistant to corrosion.
  • The pipe can extend upto 10 inches and has adjustable lengths.
  • The pipe comes with a free cowl cover.
  • This multi-purpose hose pipe is very durable and efficient.
  • It is priced around Rs. 900.

SA 6 Inch Flexible Aluminium Duct Pipe Chimney Exhaust Pipe– Suchorita Appliances is a company which is now providing a tough competition to all the other hardware brands. But when it comes to quality, SA products are unparallel. This list would be totally incomplete if we didn’t mention this pipe and you should definitely go for it because:

  • This pipe has an adjustable length and it is around 6 inches long which provides quite a long passage for removing excess water droplets.
  • The pipe is made up of excellent aluminium sheets that makes it malleable and ductile.
  • The pipe is quite sturdy and will last you for a very long time.
  • You will get a cowl cover too with this wonderful pipe.
  • The pipe costs about Rs. 625.

These are our suggestions and recommendations regarding the exhaust pipes for your portable AC. Everything needs care and so does your AC. If you want it to last long, you need to ensure that the AC gets all that it needs and a hose pipe is a must in this case. Available in hardware stores and online sites like Amazon and Flipkart, you will get these amazing little pipes of sleek and stunning appearances easily. Just one thing you need to remember is that you have to clean these pipes regularly so that they can perform their best. Now go and order your hose pipe, install it to your AC and enjoy a mountainous chill in your blazing room with your loved ones.

Gifts Harmonica Her Him Musical Instruments

Best Harmonica for Beginners India | 2021

“So, you never can tell what will happen when you learn to play the harmonica.”
― Robert McCloskey, Lentil

Well, definitely a lot of things will happen if you learn to play the harmonica. And whatever will happen it will be nothing less than enchanting and ecstatic. Harmonicas are those sweet mouth organs which emit sounds that are bound to strike and rip those inner-most chords of your heart. Now if you want to learn the harmonica and mesmerize everyone around you, then you need to purchase one first that will be best suited for you. So, for all the amateurs and newbies who want to explore the world of harmonica, we will be enlisting here the best harmonica for the beginners in India. You will find amazing harmonicas from reputed brands like Hohner, Tower, Vault, Easttop, Arctic, Juarez priced reasonably within your budget. Here we will list only the C scale Chromatic Harmonica/Mouth Organs so that you can choose according to your convenience and play them easily.

The above listed harmonica and mouth organs from the very renowned and famous brands are all available online at pocket-friendly prices. All you have to do now is scroll, check them and then order your harmonica right away. We have compiled only the best harmonica for beginners that are available in India. Now just check these out, learn the notes and play out your favourite hits on your beloved little harmonica and embrace a magically musical evening.


Should You Buy Yamaha F280 Online In India? | Review

Guitars! The most coveted instrument in the world, don’t you think? Everybody’s go-to instrument, this musical gizmo will sweep your feet away making you all enticed and charmed by it. Afterall, who can say no to a guitarist? That sweet, euphonious music coming out of this amazing instrument is bound to melt your heart away. Maybe that is why everyone is addicted and allured by a guitar. And, if by now, even you are also thinking about learning or buying a new guitar and surprising everyone with your deft skills, then we have a solution for that. Here we will review the best guitar for beginners that is the Yamaha F280 guitar, stating every little detail about it. So, do go through it, think it over and order your own guitar at once!

Much Much Better than Yamaha F310 Guitar Because it’s Made in India and price is comparatively low.

Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar Details

Yamaha F280 has the following technical features:

  • Item- Yamaha F280
  • Colour- Natural
  • Fretboard material- Rosewood
  • Body material- Rosewood
  • Neck material- Rosewood
  • Top material- Spruce Plywood
  • Dimensions- 102.9 x 41.2 x 9.6 cm
  • Weight- 2.8 kg
  • String material- Steel
  • Type- Acoustic
  • Country of origin- India
  • Items in the box- Guitar(1U), Owners Manual (1U), Contact List(1U), Wrench (1U)
  • Number of strings- 6
  • Number of frets- 20
  • Scale Length- 634mm (25”)
  • Body Length- 505mm (19 7/8″)
  • Total Length- 1029mm (40 1/2″)
  • Body Width- 412mm (16 1/4″)
  • Body Depth- 96-116mm (3 13/16″ – 4 9/16″)
  • Nut Width- 43mm (1 11/16”)
  • Strings- .012/.016/.025(or.024)/.033(.032)/.043(.042)/.053(.052)
  • Tuners- Covered Chrome (TM-14P)
  • Body Binding- Black
  • Sound hole Inlay- Black + White
  • Pickguard- Black
  • Body Finish- Top : Gloss Side/Back : Matt
  • Neck Finish- Matt
  • Shape- Traditional Western

Yamaha F280 Guitar Price Online in India

The Yamaha F280 guitar is very affordable and is priced around Rs. 6500- Rs.7000. It will fit quite well in your budget.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Yamaha F280 acoustic guitar both offline and online- from leading e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Key Features

Yamaha F280 is the best beginner’s guitar in India. And we will continually emphasize on this fact due to the following reasons that compel us to go blindly for it.

  • Quality– When it comes to quality, there is no compromise on Yamaha’s part. So, rest assured, this guitar is going to stay put by your side for more years to come. The rosewood body and the steel strings- they make the guitar sturdy and durable, making it a 10/10 in terms of quality.
  • Playability– Yamaha F280 has been designed specially for the beginners. Strong and hard build, broad and evenly shaped body, widely spaced strings- all of these enable the beginners and newbies to grip it firmly and comfortably and strum and play the guitar without the slightest bit of hassle.
  • Acoutsic Sound– Yamaha F280 emits mellifluent and soothing strains. The sound is crystal clear with a strong bass. It is loud enough even for performing in a crowded hall and can attract thousands of passers-by to serenade to your tune in a busy street. Yamaha’s instruments are known for their booming and excellent sound quality, and this guitar just testifies this statement justly.
  • Made in India– Yes, one of the main highlights of this instrument that steals the limelight is that it is totally made in India. With precision, excellence and love, Yamaha F280 has been created in the very own Yamaha India music factory itself.

The ups and downs of Yamaha F 280

Yamaha F series is famous due to its fine quality guitars which help you to perfect the art of strumming. This series is just known for the best acoustic guitars available at a pocket friendly price. Since Yamaha F280 is new in town, allow us to enlighten you about its pros and cons:


  • This gem is available at a really pocket-friendly price and will not even pinch your pocket at all. Without spending a dime, you can get a life-long companion.
  • Yamaha F280 is indeed the beginner’s guitar. Yes, we agree, that we have been stressing on this point too much, but the truth is that due to the durable quality, the strong steel strings that are spaced conveniently just for your fingers, and the broad body that enables you to hold it without a pain and not to forget the inexpensive price- don’t you think it is just perfect for the newbies?
  • The sound is just beyond all praise. Clear and lucid, it is immensely harmonious and is bound to strike the inner-most chords of your heart.


  • There is only one thing that we can list as a con for this guitar. That is, it is just perfect. It indeed has no flaws. And why we mention this as a negative is because, other guitars don’t take a stand when Yamaha F280 comes into the picture.

So, the dear experts and seasoned players and our beginner mates- if you are looking for a lifetime mate with supreme sound quality, astonishing and appealing looks and phenomenal durability at a low and highly reasonable price- Yamaha F280 is just your thing. And as it has been made in India, this adds more weight to why we should promote local and go for this instrument without a second thought. Hence no more dilly-dallying. Order your very own and personal guitar right away and go explore the beautiful world of music in your own way, in your own terms!

Yamaha F280 Review Videos

Reviewed by The Guitar Chronicles
Reviewed by Adit
Blog Gift Ideas for Mom Gifts Her

Useful & Unique Gift Ideas for MOM from Daughter & Son

Wherever God could not be present, he made mothers and sent them there. We all agree to this statement, don’t we? Mothers are the greatest gifts of God and we can never repay their debts ever. But we can do one-thing, that is, make them feel special and gift them something nice and sweet. A mother’s blessing is something that is like a guardian angel for us: protecting us from all evil and at the same time making us successful in all our endeavours. So, just honour her, love her loads and make her heart beam with pride and happiness for you. But if you now feel confused and ponder hard on what to gift her then your have arrived at the right place because here, we will enlist some top gift ideas for your mom under 2000 rupees. Not only will these items fit in your budget but also will bring a radiant and glowing smile on your mother’s pretty face. Now just check the list, order something instantly and surprise your mother immediately.


Moms always crave for sarees. So, this is the best gift that you can present her with. Priced under rupees 2000 you will get a plethora of options from which you can simply choose an exquisite saree and gift her. From jamdanis, chiffons, silks, georgettes to cotton and net sarees- you can select a mesmerising piece and then gift her accordingly.

Dinner sets

You may not find interest in it but to mothers dining sets are very precious. Crockery and cutlery items are cherished and yearned by mothers since they are very beneficial for household purposes. So, gift her those splendid glass dining sets from Laopola, Borosil and other leading reputed companies. These dinner sets are priced below 2000 INR so you won’t even feel the pinch in your pocket. Therefore, without any second thought just gift it right now.

Personalised knick-knacks

Personalised items are the best because these items are helpful in preserving loads of memories and priceless moments. Coffee mugs, cushions, photo-frames and small items can now be personalised and you can choose any one item from here and gift it to her by customising it. You can choose from her individual pictures or any family snaps and then personalise it on one such knick-knack. And trust us, you will thank us later when you see that vibrant smile on your mom’s glowing face as she unwraps this pleasant surprise for her.


Mothers carry the entire burden of the family. So, she deserves something amazing. And that is why we are suggesting you to gift her a bag. The thing about bags is that not only can she show it off and carry it around whenever she goes for shopping, marketing or kitty parties but also, she will feel elated since you have gifted her something lovely. Priced within 1000 rupees, you can choose elegant bags from famous companies like Caprese, Lavie, Baggit, Dressberry, Skybags- to mention some. Thus pick, pay and gift right away.


Jewels are a girl’s best friend. So why not gift her with some beautiful bracelet or pendant or ear-rings or a ring. Now you may be thinking about the price, right? But Austrian diamonds are inexpensive and ornaments from this material are available within 1500 rupees only. Also, terracotta ornaments and shell and pearl items also come under 1000 rupees. So, without any dilly-dally order a graceful ornament and just gift it to your mother to see her gleam with love and pride.

Facial kits

Mom are always working round the clock- taking care of the entire household and the family. But how often do we take care of her? Even her pure face is subjected to wrinkles and aging. So, we suggest that gift your mother a facial kit containing face wash, toners, moisturisers and other skin essentials which your mom needs the most. This will not only shield her skin from impurities and germs but also will keep her radiant and shining like always. Kits by Nysaa, Mamaearth are very affordable as they are priced under 1500 rupees only. So, just order and surprise her immediately.


Moms smell like flowers. Their smell is the best and is unparalleled totally. That is why we suggest you to gift her an aromatic perfume. You can avail perfumes from the top brands online itself and they do not even cost a fortune. Within 1000 rupees you will get a lot of fragrances that are simply breath-taking. So just gift her a perfume and keep her wonderful smell intact.

Flower pots

Green plants are beneficial for our health, mind and environment. We spend our times outside mostly but often the moms who are home-makers have to stay in for the entire day. For that reason, the house needs to be kept fresh and healthy. So, gift her small flower pots or small green plants that you can place at the various corners of the house. This will not only keep the atmosphere of the home clean but also uncontaminated. It will also keep your mom’s eyes fit and fine. Available within 1000 INR, you won’t find anything reasonable than this.

Home décor items

Items like vases, wall-clocks, showpieces, lampshades- these are some of the items that all mothers yearn for. After all, who beautifies and designs your home sweet home other than your stunning mother? That is why, we will advise you to gift her something that is useful for her. These items are priced between 150 INR- 1500 INR, so there will no other present better than this.


While some mothers go out for their jobs, other mothers work at home only. But one thing is constant- their work. The pressure never decreases. From looking after the household to tending all your needs she is always running, never on a stop. She can forget about herself but she will always attend to the entire family. So that is why gift her a watch which will remind her to take a break and then take care of herself. Mothers indeed lack time, so a beautiful and sleek wrist-watch will be a reminder to her- to start watching over herself. Also, you can get swashbuckling watches priced below 2000 rupees, so it won’t exceed your budget even.

Mothers are Gods re-incarnated on Earth. We never appreciate her, show her love or even thank her. They love and care for us unconditionally and nothing can be truer than a mother’s love. For the person, who is always beside us, nursing us, acting as our best friend, guiding us and doing everything that it takes from her- we can of course present that Goddess a small token of love. Because after all, mothers deserve it. Thus, for the best mothers of the world- be the best child and gift her something to show her your heartfelt gratitude and never-ending affection. So, from the above gift ideas for mothers, just pick according to your liking and then make her blush with joy.

Blog Gift Ideas for Woman Gifts Her

♀ Best Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing | All Events

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions or anything- a gift will never fail to bring a big smile on our faces. Presents always brighten up our days, making us feel loved and important. Plus, who doesn’t love gifts? But choosing gifts for your loved ones can be really tedious especially if it is a girl. Because knowing her preferences and mind is intricate and then selecting that special gift which can win her heart can be intensely tricky. But worry not, as here we come to your rescue. Within rupees two thousand we will give you a lot of brilliant ideas for gifts that you can present your girl with and make her just go bonkers with happiness. So here, check this list out and gift her today something amazing that is bound to make her day and make her giggle with laughter and blush with pure joy. This list has been compiled and curated with special care so that you can pick the perfect present from a plethora of choices.

Cosmetic set

Make-up and cosmetics are a girl’s best friend. Girls love the different shades and hues of those mesmerising lipsticks; and the radiant eyeshadow palettes are nothing but love. Be it the kajal or the mascara or those vibrant popping nail paints- cosmetics will never go out of vogue. And if you are planning to surprise your girl for her birthday or any other special day, then this is the perfect gift you are looking for. There are many eyeshadow palettes and lipstick sets priced under rupees 2000 that you can present to her with love. From the Maybelline series, or Sugar or Lakme or Nykaa- you will get make-up sets comprising of lipsticks, mascaras and eye-liners that she badly needs for her make-up collection. Also, sheet-masks are a must haves nowadays for every girl. So, you can make her marvel at you if you plan to gift her some soothing and refreshing face masks. Thus, check out online the cosmetic essentials and order them right away.

Dresses and clothes

If your female confidante or someone special is a fashionista then nothing can be better than gifting various colourful apparels to her. Starting from stylish dresses of diverse types to some extremely trendy tops and tees to the stunning bottom wear and those phenomenal ethnic and traditional outfits, clothes are loved and yearned for by every girl. And the best part is that you can find a huge sundry of garments priced way below 2000. Amazing, isn’t it?

‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘I don’t have enough clothes’ is something which you will probably hear from all the girls. This is because the yearning and love for fashion never ends. Girls can not have enough of dresses. So, if you want to see your girl beaming with that huge glowing smile on her face and that little twinkle in her eyes- just go through the leading online shopping apps for clothes and gift her something nice and trendy.


Music is an emotion that bonds hearts. And when it comes to music, every girl has a soft corner for it. So, priced reasonably under rupees two thousand, you will find a variegated collection of some amazing kalimbas that you can gift your girl or your friend and make her feel way way special on her special day. This amazing instrument can be learned and played by one and all and that is why we suggest you to present your special one something unique and unusual just like her.

Flowers and chocolates

Well, as sweet as girls are, their sweet tooth is also quite fascinating. And that is why chocolates are a favourite for them. Be it Bournevilles or Ferrero Rocher or the delicious Swiss chocolates, anything sweet can win their hearts.
Also, when such sweetmeats come with pretty bouquets of roses and tulips- nothing can get better. So, if you are planning to surprise her out of nowhere and just brighten up her day simply gift flowers and chocolates to her like the old school lovers. Within 2000 rupees you will get gorgeous flower bouquets and customised chocolates. Now, no more dilly dally. Order them now and we promise you that you will thank us later.


While we have the divas and the musicians, there are also present a number of bibliophiles who need nothing but books and a steaming cup of black coffee to snuggle up and enjoy the day. And if you know any such book-worm whom you want to impress, then gift her with a collection of books. Be it the thrillers of Dan Brown or the short story collections by O’ Henry or the intriguing anime mangas- books are really the best gifts that one can receive or present. Priced way below 2000, you will get an inexhaustible list of books from which you can pick and choose according to your likes. And with the help of online sites, you can now avail rare antique collections of some novels which your girl is sure to fall in love with. So, check out now the different books and give your book-lover friend the best gift of her life.


A big cuddly teddy bear is loved by one and all. Teddies are not only immensely cute but also are excessively desirable. Sleeping with a teddy can indeed reduce stress and also make your girl feel warm and secure when you are not around. Stuffed toys were and will always be a favourite with girls and it would thus be an ideal gift if you plan to endow something adorable and well within your budgets to her.

Tech gifts and gizmos

Well, a fitness band or a smart-watch is trending in the town, right? And you can’t forget the Bluetooth speakers and earphones as well. Priced within 2000 INR, electronic gadgets are a perfect gift for not only your girlfriend, but also your sister, your mother and your best friend. The Boat series of headphones and the Redmi power bands to mention some are not only quite useful but also very endearing. Almost everyone is using them now and that is why we think this to be the best gift you can give to someone to make them go high on cloud nine.

Personalised knick-knacks

Gifts are something that we present out of love. And if you can add some special moments into it, nothing seriously can get better. That is why personalised coffee-mugs, personalised t-shirts, personalised photo-frames and key rings, customised cushions and pillows etc. are some of the excellent gifts that you can give to your better half or to your close gal. These not only will make her feel ultra-special but also adorn her face with a pretty gleam that you can never afford to miss.

Personalised items now are very easy to purchase and as they come under 1000 rupees only, so you will not even feel much of a pinch in your pocket. So just select some gorgeous snaps of her and customise them on any product you want and gift to her and we can guarantee you that you won’t regret this idea at all.

Décor items

Girls who love interior decorations know what it means when someone gifts them with any object of décor. So here we suggest you to gift your girl something out of the box and at the same time beneficent. Dream catchers, vases, statues, paintings, show-pieces and handicraft items are something that not only carry an aesthetic sense but also add to the charms of the house. And that is why they are the perfect gift you can think of. A Small Laughing Buddha statue is a symbol of good luck and care. So, things like these are bound to make your girl go ecstatic if you surprise her all of a sudden. Also, these items come within 1000 rupees only and will fit quite well within your budget. Therefore, to make your girl indeed exhilarated, order now some exquisite décor item and amaze her with your classy choices.

Bags and purses

Totes, sling bags, purses, backpacks, waist bags, duffels, handbags, clutches and what not! The list is never-ending and so is the range of choice. And every girl, quite honestly, has a tremendous weakness over bags and shoes. So, while you may be hesitant about the shoe size, as you don’t know whether the heels will fit your Cinderella or not, stay assured that your bag will face no such issues and is definitely going to get cherished by her for life. That is why we would like to recommend you to go for bags while gifting her something outstanding. With various fashions coming up now, you will get an enormous number of options all priced within 2000. From the house of Caprese, Baggit, Zara, Dressberry, Lavie to mention some- you will find some splendid styles available at pocket friendly prices. This will be the best gift for her.

Here are our top 10 best ideas for gifts for her under 2000. Stylish, appealing and one of a kind, we have taken care to meet every preferences and tastes that your girl is likely to have. Not just lovers, but you can gift these to all those lovely ladies in your life who mean the whole world to you.

Gifts are a token of love and everyday is a gift of God. As God has presented us with the wonderful token of life, we can similarly gift our wonderful women something that can inform them how incomplete we are without them. You don’t need only birthdays or anniversaries or the Valentine’s Day or some important day to present her something. You can make a mundane day super-special by gifting and surprising her with a little preezie. And the happiness that you can see from this gift is something simply priceless. So, don’t wait up, come gift your stunning girl any token instantly and shower her with unconditional love and sterling exuberance.

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It doesn’t cost much to make someone happy. Sweet tokens of love are cherished by all and it never hurts us to make someone else smile. After all life is all about sharing and caring. So, if you want to show your boyfriend, brother, best friend, father your love and appreciation then gift them something wonderful and splendid today itself.

But the problem is that you may be confused about what to gift as there are so many options and paraphernalia, right? That’s why here we come to your immediate rescue as we will be presenting below some amazing and mind-blowing gift ideas for him from which you can pick and choose and then gift accordingly to the lucky man. The best part is that the items that we will be enlisting here are all under 2000 rupees. So, it will not only fit well within your budget but also give you a wide range of choices.

Now without dilly-dallying any further let’s proceed immediately to the gift section.

Grooming kits

A man’s biggest weakness is his beard. Most men spend hours trying to groom and shape their beards, making it soft like velvet. So, if your man has that dashing beard which you die for, then beard grooming kits are the best presents that you can gift him with. There are a lot of options like Beardo grooming kits, Brylcreem beard oils and balms etc. which you can purchase online. These kits are very affordable as you can avail them at 500-600 INR only. Without any second thought just go for it, if you want to see your beloved guy get exhilarated and thrilled by your surprise.


Watches are loved by all. Be it the big-dialled ones or the sleek strapped ones, a watch adds a different charm to your personality and for men, well, watches often speak bulks about their charisma. That is why we are suggesting you to gift him with a stunning watch and astonish him with your lovely present. From the house of Titan, Fastrack, Rado, Timex to mention some you can find a sundry of some exquisite watches priced below 2000 rupees. So, just search online and select one of their smart-watches or normal watches and gift him right away.

Fan-art merchandise

Sports, music, Marvel-DC comics, Call of Duty, FIFA- some things that men are obsessed with, right? The debate over Barca and Real Madrid or Arsenal and Manchester United or ManCity never ceases. Neither the emotions over Iron Man and Captain America have any boundary. And when it comes to a gaming night with friends, you are often relegated to the background, isn’t it?
So, if your lover or friend has some similar interest in any of these fields and if he is particularly obsessed with some character, or music band, or football team then gifting him a merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters etc. of that obsession will be the perfect token of love. Not only will it make him feel ultra-special and show him how much you care, but also these items are priced very reasonably way below rupees 1000. That is why gift him any fan-art merchandise and after you see his reaction, we can assure you that you will definitely thank us later.


Wallets are the ideal gifts for men. A classy and elite wallet not only gives them a sense of importance but also makes them feel intensely confident and powerful. Men love to have own fine wallets since they have to take it out often to pay the bills. So, if you want to make a man feel nice and good, then without any hesitation order and gift a wallet to him at once. You will get some mesmerising wallets from several reputed companies which come at pocket friendly prices as well. Just check now and choose asap.


Great authors have often opined that a man is known and judged by the shoe he wears. However, much men may disagree, but secretly each man loves to own a huge collection of some stylish and elegant shoes. Be it the crocs, the flip-flops, the sports shoes, the running shoes, the formal shoes- every man has more number of shoes than girls have. Indeed, they do! So, just help your man increase his priced possession and gift him some remarkable shoes priced around rupees 1500 and see how he repays this gift by showering unconditional love on you.

Guitars and Kalimbas
Music is a sweet union of the heart and soul. Music is a bridge that bonds people. And music is something that we all love and adore. So, if you want your man to write some romantic ballads for you and express musically how much he is crazy about you, gift him a guitar or a kalimba. Priced under rupees 2000, they are quite productive and constructive gifts which is sure to make your friend or lover spellbound and happy.


However much they deny, even men are attracted to fashion and lifestyle. They may say that they can pass off a week in one t-shirt only but secretly they all crave for several trendy and fashionable shirts and dresses so that they can impress you and win your heart. Thus, gift him a super-cool t-shirt or shirt with some quirky captions on it and see how exuberated he becomes when he opens your present.


This is a universal fact that men smell good. They put up a lot of efforts to give off that endearing odour which you cannot simply resist. So, gifting him a perfume or a deodorant will be totally worth-it. These products are very inexpensive and are priced way below 2000. That is why we suggest you to gift him something that he uses daily and also will get reminded of you as well.


Headphones, earphones, speakers- these are a man’s best friend. They can never refuse these tech gadgets that unites them with their favourite song or video. So, gift your man the best Bluetooth or normal headsets from Boat, JBL, Samsung, Sony, Sennheiser, Skullcandy to name some. These gizmos not only have a long-lasting duration but also are quite trendy and handy. And the best part is that the earphones come under 1500 rupees only and hence you wont even feel a pinch in your pocket. Don’t ponder much, go and order one right now, gift him and see the glorious smile on his face.


The thing with sunglasses is that they not only change your entire look but also add an enigma to your personality. A sunglass is simply a game-changer that will not only give your man that debonair attitude but will also make him look just swashbuckling. From the house of Vincent Chase, John Jacobs, Lenskart Blu- you will come across thousands of peppy sunglasses that are priced below rupees 2000. Just scroll through this inexhaustible list and gift your man a stylish pair of sunglasses and see how jocular he becomes.

Men are often burdened with expectations not only from the society but also from the family. They have to lead an un-thankful life as people think that whatever they do, that is their duty. But in this process, we often fail to appreciate and compliment them in the way that they deserve. So that is why to show all the men in your life the love that they are totally worthy of, here are some gift ideas for him under 2000 rupees that will not only come under your budget but also make your man really proud of you. Be it anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day or any other routine day; making someone exultant needs no specific or auspicious moment. So just without any thought choose from these lists and gift him something unique and special; and marvel at that sweet smile, which your token of love will bring, on his handsome face.