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Keya Italian Pizza Oregano Seasoning (Tastes like Dominos)

Pizza! The name of this dish will make you do two things. Firstly, it will make your mouth water and tummy churn and secondly, it will bring to your mind some glutton filled-thoughts about Dominos. Their vast options of delicious pizzas will indeed make you hungry and all drooly. Now, the thing about the pizzas from Dominos is that their seasonings are awesome and the oregano that we sprinkle on the pizza is that magical secret ingredient that adds that charming flavour to it. Truly, this oregano is the reason why we are so much in love with pizzas and the oregano by Dominos is just WOW! However, the one problem is that they give a very little amount of oregano to us making us yearn for more.

But what if we tell you that we have a magnificent alternate oregano that is very much similar in taste with that of Dominos and you can have as much of it as you want? And the name of that surprise is Keya Italian Pizza Oregano. Yes, you read that right. Resembling to the Dominos’ oregano, Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is just heavenly and is available at a nominal price both online and offline. So, stay tuned to learn more about this amazing product!


Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is a mind-blowing item. It is one of the best-selling seasoning in market right now, and its demand is just increasing day-by-day. The reason why this oregano is so intensely tasty are as follows:

  • The oregano is made up of these elements: Dehydrated Garlic, Iodized salt, Mixed spices and herbs (Black Pepper, Chilli, Oregano (9%), Basil).
  • It has no added preservatives or flavour.
  • This product has no MSG and fillers.
  • It contains no additives, anti-caking agents and has an authentic taste.
  • This oregano is totally and purely VEGETARIAN.
  • You will get the oregano in a dried form.

Pricing and availability

Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is available for about 80gm in an appealing package that has a dimension of about 5.7 x 5.7 x 11 cm. The price for 80gm oregano is Rs. 90 and you can buy it online from Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers and Spencers.

Why to buy?

Getting 4.6 stars out of 5 is very difficult but Keya Italian Pizza Oregano has really earned it. Why people are crazy about it and why you should blindly go for it is because:

  • It is available at a very pocket-friendly price and the quantity for this price is absolutely perfect and worth it.
  • This purely vegetarian oregano is a mixture of spices which not only will make your pizza delicious but also will make your pasta, stroganoff and other Italian dishes irresistible.
  • Storing and using it is very easy and it has a long shelf-life.
  • The packaging is impressive.
  • The taste and flavour both are genuine and 100% authentic.

If you are, by now, already dreaming about a large cheesy pizza which you want to eat while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix or Prime and just want the oregano seasoning to never end, then you have found your ideal match. Keya Italian Pizza Oregano is a saviour for all oregano lovers and you can never have enough of it. So, order your oregano right away and chill with your Italian dishes and gourmet food with a taste unforgettable and forever lingering.

Fitness Treadmill

Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Reviews

Joseph Pilates had rightly said that physical fitness indeed is the first prerequisite to happiness. Only when your body is healthy and fit, you can and will be able to conquer the world. As we are living in the era of junk food, obesity and anxiety; gaining weight and developing bodily complications is very common but this leads to being vulnerable to a lot of diseases. Being and staying fit is the real mantra for a disease and stress-free body and mind. Now a lot of us are gym-enthusiasts but there are people who feel lethargic to even go for a walk outside leave alone exercising. However, we have a solution for all of you. Here we present to you all the details about the new Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill launched for both the fitness freaks and the gym beginners.

Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill is simply the best treadmill available in the market now. This motorised treadmill with a shock absorption cushion effect is just ideal for some intense cardio workouts and walking sessions. Runners, joggers, walkers- everyone will find it super easy and exciting to use. The treadmill is quite comfortable to run on and its features and specifications will indeed make you want to order one for yourself right now.


Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill is highly in demand due to the technologies and specifications that it possesses. Why we have become a fan of this treadmill is because of the following factors:

  • This 65kg weighing black treadmill has a motor that consumes 2.25 Horsepower which renders it apt for using at home.
  • It has a dimension of 1240*420mm which offers quite a space for running and walking.
  • The adjustable steel handles enable the treadmill to be stronger and more long-lasting.
  • Installing it and storing it in the home is very easy and the treadmill takes up very little space in the house and is foldable.
  • The treadmill has modern LCD display features which contains functions like preset programs, calories burnt, time, indicating the heart rate, speed, mode, quality MP3 speakers and F+ App.
  • With a speed of 1 to 16km/hr and user weight capacity of 110kgs, this treadmill contains massager and sit-up bars too.
  • You will get an auto-inclination, dumbells, cooling fan and twisters in this treadmill.
  • Made up of sturdy steel, this treadmill has a warranty of 3 years.
  • You will get a tool kit, user manual and a warranty card with this treadmill.


This treadmill is just the sensation now in the fitness city. Filled with goodness, why you should buy this treadmill without any second thoughts is because:

  • It can take the weight up to 110kgs and you can adjust the speed according to your convenience between 1km/hr to 16km/hr. Very few treadmills in the market offer this and that makes this treadmill unique.
  • The treadmill has auto inclining and hydraulic folding features which makes it suitable to store.
  • The wide running space, the massager, the sit-up bars make the treadmill even more coveted.
  • This treadmill uses latest LCD display functions which offer you a plethora of features that will keep you updated about your health and heart.
  • The machine has an excellent appearance and it is available at a very pocket-friendly price.

The cons

Just as a coin has two sides, similarly every thing has a positive and a negative side. Nothing is perfect but no flaw is too major. This treadmill has two minor faults that can be overlooked since the virtues hide all the banes. The dark side of this treadmill contains these two points:

  • The MP3 speaker quality is not up to the mark.
  • The warranty period is quite less compared to the other treadmills in the market.


  • How much horsepower does this treadmill’s motor consume?
    The motor of this treadmill has a 2.25HP and it can extend up till 4.5HP when it is at the top of its usage.
  • How to install Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill?
    Installing it is very simple and easy. You can read the user manual and do it yourself only. However, if you feel a bit shaky regarding the installation then you can call 1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402 or drop a message in WhatsApp on these numbers +91-6260741910/ 11 between 10 pm- 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. The servicing and installation is free all over the country.
  • Do I need to install a stabiliser with it?
    Well, a stabiliser is not much needed but you can install one if you wish to refrain from voltage faults and fluctuations.

Final Verdict

We hope that we have convinced you enough to purchase this treadmill for yourself and your loved ones. A sturdy, durable and powerful treadmill it contains everything that gym lovers can think of. And appropriate for the lazy bones too, using it is fun and thrilling. Not just that, at this nominal price you will get a lot of features that very few treadmills in the market will give you. The adjustable speed settings, the huge running space, the display features, the music player, the shock-absorbing mat- all attribute this treadmill ensuring that it stands apart from the rest. So, if you want to be fit, healthy and want a body that makes everyone go gaga over you- this treadmill is the one you are looking for.

So, no more delays. Go and order your treadmill now and start your fitness journey today itself.